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Annie Higgins
novembre 21, 2018 explores: The spaces for the exhibition are restricted. While welcoming 80 pieces the concept of work is completely absent: Banksy’s work is a pure message, without form

The view is a museum-pacification of an act of rebellion that is explosive in the street, according to a room. Still, there’s more: order and spray cans, maximum opposition and minimal frames, merchandising and financial exclusive anti-Guerrilla slogans brand, maximum visibility of the hooded, iconic, short quotations and business … Provocations, contamination, contradictions. Starting from notoriety through the anonymity of a man who has a bank name Yes, bank-he so apparently distant from art surcharge.

Here is an article underlining the social and media influence of the artist.

Banksy. Everyone knows him, though nobody knows who he is, he doesn’t want to be seen, but everyone wants to admire. He struggled a lifetime against the establishment, and now he’s a delicate and fundamental gear of the art system. And so the street artist more global the world leave the road and enter a museum. Or at least: we carry it, without asking permission. And here he is, between an auction record and the other, « stolen » at Mudec in Milan for a great retrospective on an artist that no one has never seen before. And come to think of it, is art too.

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Offset lithographs. Inkjet prints. Spray painting on Panel of Ant. There is a screen print of the girl with the red balloon (2004), the framework’s sister autodistruttosi in a Sotheby’s auction resoundingly in London a month and a half ago. There is the famous (is the image-cover of view) Love is in the air (2003), the protester from the faces covered who throws a molotov-bouquet of flowers. There’s the COP with the face of Smile; there is the little girl from Vietnamese napalm walking hands in hands with Mickey Mouse puppet and clown of McDonald’s. Is the image worship of Pulp fiction with two bananas instead of guns. There are dogs that Keith Haring did with chalks and ones that Jeff Koons does with steel inflated, but kept on a leash by the wrong people. There are bees, Bobby London, military and Neanderthal hunting to shopping carts in the middle of the Savannah. And then there are the beloved rats ‘ hated, hounded, silent, but can bring down an entire civilization « as Banksy that hoist shocking cartels. « Welcome to Hell. »

Welcome to The exhibition The Art of Banksy, a visual protest (until 14 April 2019) curated by Gianni Mercurio (« it was like working with a ghost. However, the goal is not to answer the question who is Banksy, but understanding what the artist « ) with numbered 80 paintings, prints, memorabilia (stickers, prints, magazine, fanzine …), photographs, videos and about 60 covers of vinyls and CDs designed by mysterious man or woman who knows, of Bristol.

View unofficial, but it is already « in. » The first us in 2016 had seen War Capitalism & Liberty at Palazzo onion into Rome, less scientific but more scenic-Italian in a public museum. Three themes-sections: the rebellion, starting from when he was still with the stencil street art, in order to perform illegal work processed and with maximum speed; the ‘war games‘, in fight against the system and against the power; and consumerism, targeting (intentionally, given the apparent contradiction Banksy quotes today) the art system and the market. In addition a 20-minute documentary on the life of the mysterious artist between suburbs and urban spaces (maybe the best thing in view) signed from Butterfly Art News, the couple of fans and collectors who follow Banksy for twenty years and who served a good part of works on display (and probably also in the entourage of the artist …); and a room-« map », multimedia projecting them on the walls, all the murals by Banksy in the world.

Banksy is not on Facebook (on Instagram Yes) and here in Milan, in the « Museo delle culture« , is illegally an official place in contemporary art. That for years has scorned, and now the sports. For someone (like the curator Gianni Mercurio) ‘ is the greatest genius of communication after Andy Warhol. ‘ For others, it is a phenomenon, not just media, destined (but how?) to last. For the rest, look around you. Can be here, behind us, now. Watching himself.

A time when art was worth less but was worth an artist became famous because special. Now in times of virtual reality and talent, an artist may be special mainly because it’s famous. Despite the hood over his head.


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